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Archives - November 2012

CWind ‘genset’ teams at Lincs Windfarm

CWIND PROJECT TEAM BEGIN WORK WITH SIEMENS AT LINCS WINDFARM Offshore wind service and solutions company CWind has begun generator management work with Siemens at Lincs windfarm with a package containing a vessel, skilled personnel and offshore wind farm solution.  Generator management involves the deployment, installing, refuelling and servicing of the equipment as well as […]

CWind adds more crew transfer vessels

CWIND DEPLOYS A CREW VESSEL TO LONDON ARRAY AND ANOTHER TO TEESSIDE! CWind now has more CTruk 20T multi-purpose catamarans operational on the London Array wind farm and Teesside wind farm, bringing the 20T fleet now deployed to seven vessels.  These 2 new vessels are working on crew transfer and join a fleet already involved […]