About Us

Industry Game-Changer

A multi-tasking challenge

The wind farm planning, construction, operations and maintenance process isn’t the easiest of engineering feats. Each task requires focused expertise, yet the overall project also demands that individual tasks are grouped and coordinated in executable packages.

Typically, coordination is handled by different contractors – and different people within those contractors. The result is often too many interfaces and hand-over steps, adding to the risk of delays, cost-spillovers and other complications.


Industry services game-changer

In steps CWind. We offer not just one or two, but more than 20 different types of service ranging from providing sheer turbine technician manpower to corrosion protection, inspections and cable tensioning – and we cover both construction and O&M project phases.

With so many capabilities, we can mix and match services to create packages within which multiple services can be smoothly and cost-effectively coordinated. In fact, we are one of the first Integrated Service Providers (ISPs) in this industry anywhere in the world!