Working with CWind

Working with CWind

Our values are trust, excellence, safety and credibility – and we maintain these in everything we do.

In particular, we believe that our people are our greatest assets, and we know that they rely on us to help keep them safe at work. We also understand the challenges of working in tough environments. So we take safety very seriously. This means doing everything we can to encourage healthy and happy employees – and at the same time making sure we sustain our excellent safety record.

We have a friendly and collaborative company culture that places a strong emphasis on teamwork. We also believe in the value of building relationships between people. That includes proactively asking for feedback through employee satisfaction surveys, and creating channels for honest and open dialogue about better ways to support our staff. We trust and value the opinions of the people who work hard to carry out our solutions on a day-to-day basis.

Be rewarded

No two days are the same at CWind!

Working with us means an interesting and challenging job – and a range of fun and rewarding experiences. With so much diversity in the kinds of tasks we perform, every day offers a new adventure and with it, the chance help develop better industry solutions for a sustainable future.

We look for skilled people to tackle a variety of different roles – from skippers and deckhands to riggers and slingers, or mechanical engineers and turbine technicians to training experts and marketing specialists. If you have the right attitude, we can help you supplement, sharpen or refresh your skills with training. See also our unique boat sharing arrangement for skippers and their crews.

We encourage excellence through learning and know how, and we support our employees with various opportunities for upskilling and professional development. Access to our in-house training centres at NWTC means that alongside safety training, we can also prioritise task-specific and CPD courses.