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CWind Challenger

Built in 2013, the CWind Challenger is part of CWind’s fleet of proven MPC 19 resin-infused composite vessels. To date, these vessels have been employed at more than 20 offshore wind farms in the UK and Germany.

The vessel uses a moveable wheelhouse and modular pod system enabling her to perform multiple functions:

  • Crew transfer
  • Refuelling (16t fuel capacity)
  • Optional ‘Argo cat’ amphibious rescue craft
  • Survey vessel with moon pool attachment
  • Dive support vessel
  • Full O&M support
  • Large payload capacity

Features include fully air-conditioned, personalised suspension seating for passengers and crew, lockers and shelving for technician bags, microwave, fridge, hot water, and changing area.

Scott Wharton, a North Devon skipper with 29 years’ experience fishing in the Bristol Channel, joined the CWind boat-share scheme in 2013. The owner of a fleet of six fishing vessels, Scott’s company, S&P Group, already employs skippers from Wales, Bideford and Ilfracombe, 22 full-time fishermen and six shore-side workers. Similar to CWind’s boat-share scheme, the skippers all own shares in the company, giving them an enhanced interest and greater knowledge of the activities of the company. Scott Wharton himself is no stranger to the offshore wind industry either, having already undertaken traffic monitoring, plankton and trawl surveys over the previous two to three years.

CWind Challenger scored a hat-trick: As well as being the first of these popular offshore wind support vessels to be designed, built and classed to Bureau Veritas (BV) rules, the 19m multi-role workboat is also the first Category 1 vessel built by CTruk under the MCA MGN 280(M) rules.

To top off these achievements, CWind Challenger was the first craft to be classed by Bureau Veritas under their Wind Farms Service Ship class notation.

Commenting on the features that drew him to CTruk’s twin-hull design, Scott says: “These boats are durable and strong with great manoeuvrability and the fact that their lighter weight saves on fuel is a huge plus. In commercial fishing, one of the biggest problems we face is the rising cost of fuel, which has a huge impact on profitability. Costs are also a major consideration for the offshore wind industry, so that was a big tick in the box for me.”

19m resin-infused composite catamarans

CTruk’s MPC 19 has evolved from the original design, now using a modular three-section-pod comprising a wheelhouse, accommodation pod and porch module. The improved design offers exciting operational flexibility as well as enhanced deck space options.

The MPC 19 offers well-proven and documented versatility. They can handle tasks ranging from crew transfer, generator management, refuelling and food deliveries to accommodation vessels. Overall, they represent the most cost-effective vessel design for both construction and O&M phases:

  • Comfortably accommodates 12 passengers.
  • A flexible modular pod system enables quick reconfiguration to adapt to the tasks in hand, including crew transfer, refuelling, rescue vessel, as a survey or dive support vessel, as well as numerous other functions.
  • A very cost-effective package, including class-leading fuel efficiency averaging 150l/h@23 kn – burning half the fuel of a comparable alloy crew vessel.
  • A solid performer (availability of our fleet while on contract averaged 98% in 2014).
  • An innovative amphibious rescue pod (the fast response ‘Avenger’ amphibious rescue craft), can be launched from the vessels to carry out rescues on dried-out sands.

CWind vessels can be chartered on their own or in combination with a range of our other service solutions.


Additional information

Supporting construction, operation and maintenance

CWind manages one of the largest fleets of crew transfer vessels in the industry. Ranging in size and capabilities, our vessels have proven useful assets in the construction and O&M of more than 20 offshore wind farms in the North Sea, Irish Sea, and Baltic Sea. Most are resin-infused composite boats built by Brightlingsea and Colchester-based boat builder, CTruk.

Boat sharing

CWind’s boat-share scheme gives owner/operators better access to the local offshore wind farm market with the backing of an experienced operator. We aim to offer wind farm operators the best of both worlds: the proactive approach of the owner/operator, combined with the qualified management and SHEQ procedures of CWind. Our scheme means that experienced skippers can enter into vessel joint venture with CWind and part-invest in one of our vessels, with CWind managing the contracts and finances, through to the SHEQ procedures. And importantly, it also means our clients get an unparalleled can-do attitude!

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