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CWind Endurance

The Endurance is part of CWind’s fleet of proven resin-infused composite vessels. To date, these vessels have been employed at more than 20 offshore wind farms in the UK.

The vessel uses a moveable wheelhouse and modular pod system enabling her to perform multiple functions:

  • Crew transfer
  • Dive support vessel
  • Full O&M support
  • Excellent passenger comfort

Features include fully air-conditioned, personalised suspension seating for passengers and crew, lockers and shelving for technician bags, microwave, fridge, hot water, and changing area.

The performance statistics and operational feedback gained during the prototype composite small water plane area twin hull (SWATH) workboat CWind Astute’s first year at sea were used to fine tune the design for this build. The use of waterjets is the main difference on the newer SWATH workboat. Its Rolls-Royce Kamewa FF41 jets provide increased manoeuvrability and responsiveness to sea conditions when approaching the turbine transition piece.

A revised engine and transmission layout optimises the longitudinal centre of gravity (LCG), reducing ballast volumes and lightening the vessel. Coupled with the weight savings already gained from composite construction, this will serve to further enhance the fuel efficiency for which CTruk’s innovative workboats are renowned. The refined hull shape also gives extra displacement; the ability to reduce draft will allow the craft to access shallow harbours and beach safely.

Check out CTruk’s informational video on this vessel type:


20m SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) for solid and stable handling

For technicians who face a tough commute and need to arrive in fit shape to scale the turbines for work, the SWATH hull form, which is designed to cut through the waves rather than ride over them, dramatically improves transit comfort even in rough seas. Motions are approximately a quarter of those of conventional catamarans, significantly increasing the current wave height limits for technician transfer. And tests have also shown that the force needed to hold her against the turbine’s transition piece is a quarter of that needed by a conventional workboat. Our SWATH vessels comfortably accommodate 12 passengers on fully adjustable seating, with air-conditioning, TV/DVD, Wi-Fi, DTV, changing area, WC and shower and hanging storage. CWind vessels can be chartered on their own or in combination with a range of our other service solutions.

Additional information

Supporting construction, operation and maintenance

CWind manages one of the largest fleets of crew transfer vessels in the industry. Ranging in size and capabilities, our vessels have proven useful assets in the construction and O&M of more than 20 offshore wind farms in the North Sea, Irish Sea, and Baltic Sea. Most are resin-infused composite boats built by Brightlingsea and Colchester-based boat builder, CTruk.

Boat sharing

CWind’s boat-share scheme gives owner/operators better access to the local offshore wind farm market with the backing of an experienced operator. We aim to offer wind farm operators the best of both worlds: the proactive approach of the owner/operator, combined with the qualified management and SHEQ procedures of CWind. Our scheme means that experienced skippers can enter into vessel joint venture with CWind and part-invest in one of our vessels, with CWind managing the contracts and finances, through to the SHEQ procedures. And importantly, it also means our clients get an unparalleled can-do attitude!

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