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CWind Sword

CWind Sword, the first CTruk MPC 22 to join our fleet, is a 22m LoA resin-infused composite catamaran that expands CWind’s cargo capacities and nautical range. The vessel’s versatile payload and ability to undertake multiple tasks at the same time – crew transfer, refuelling, workboat and rescue duties – means we can do more for you at lower cost.

With her superior payload capability and exceptional comfort in transit, high bollard pull and 16,000l fuel transfer capability, CWind Sword has proven exceedingly useful. She is also extremely competitive with vessels much larger in size and maintains speed and smooth motion in rough seas. Additionally, there’s no drop in performance even when carrying large bunker loads, and the spacious foredeck gives twice the deck capacity of our smaller vessels.

CWind Sword is owned jointly by CWind and Ventus Workboats under CWind’s unique vessel joint venture scheme. The three partners behind Ventus Workboats are Matthew ‘Leafy’ Lane, Lee Price and Matthew Woodley. All three are ex-Royal Marines with outstanding track records who have chosen to move into offshore wind after leaving the Forces.


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